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J Prince Addresses Offset’s Actions in Latest Instagram Video

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The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards saw a fight between and Offset when the former rapper attempted to join Quavo on stage during his tribute performance to the late . Quavo felt that , who had left the group prior to Takeoff's passing, should not be part of the tribute performance.

According to sources, the fight between the two artists took place backstage and was not related to the ongoing feud between Offset and J Prince. The feud between J Prince and Offset, which was sparked by a recent interview on The podcast, had no direct involvement in the between Quavo and Offset.

Despite the fight, Quavo‘s tribute performance to Takeoff was a moving tribute to the late rapper. Fans and fellow artists alike took to social media to praise Quavo's heartfelt performance and to express their condolences to Takeoff's family.

, who recently got involved in a feud with Offset, took the opportunity to address the backstage fight between Quavo and Offset at the Grammy Awards. In a video posted on his Instagram page, J Prince spoke out against Offset and issued a statement to him.

J Prince captioned the video: “A MESSAGE TO THE MAN THATS OFF,” addressing Offset directly.

“To those of you that still live on principles over emotions that know and respect me it's all good. I don't care about the media hoes; they eat sh*t for a living. We live on different planets and breathe different air if you know what I mean. I only display loyalty and friendship to my brothers and sisters until they show me they're unworthy. Never been a bully or lived a life where I abused my power on the weak. No matter what you heard; it's cap. I'm glad I'm not one of those individuals that my family has to hold their head down when my name is mentioned. So excuse me while I deal with these clowns because ain't nobody gonna tell them the truth like I'm a give it to them.”


In the video, J Prince accused Offset of playing the victim and speaking threats about J Prince and his family. He also accused Offset of hiding behind Takeoff's mother and trying to fake a relationship with the family. J Prince then went on to recount past involving Offset, including a confrontation in Atlanta and a meeting in LA regarding Offset's wife's performance.

J Prince stated that Offset was not welcomed on the Grammy stage for the tribute dedicated to Takeoff, as he was seen as a snake by Quavo and the family. He accused Offset of having a history of turning on those closest to him and challenged him to explain the real reason why he was not on the stage with Quavo.

The OG concluded the video by saying that he does not have a heart for snakes and that there will be consequences for those who have problems with him. He also stated that he is not looking for trouble and wants peace, but that he would not tolerate any attempts to harm his family name.

It remains to be seen how Offset will respond to J Prince's latest statement, but it's clear that the tension between these two is far from over. This latest development in the feud between J Prince and Offset has sparked conversations within the industry about the importance of loyalty and respect, and what it means to truly be part of a family.

As Prince and Offset continue to make appearances in the public eye, fans, and industry professionals alike will be closely following any further updates in their ongoing feud. Whether this will result in reconciliation or escalate further, remains to be seen. Until then, the hip-hop community awaits its next move and the impact it will have on Offset's music career.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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