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Joe Budden Confronts Adam22 About His Past And Present Actions In New Amp conversation

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The No Jumper podcast, a highly acclaimed hip-hop podcast known for featuring a diverse array of guests from across the industry, is currently at the center of mounting controversy. The founder and host of the show, Adam22, has come under fire from fans and fellow industry members alike, leading to a significant upheaval within the show's staff.

The controversy began with the departure of several of 's co-hosts, who cited issues with the founder and host as their reason for leaving. One of these co-hosts, Lil Housephone, was accused of unprofessionalism and disrespect by both Adam22 and other co-hosts. Additionally, Housephone was exposed by the platform for engaging in inappropriate behavior with a transgender person, leading to a series of public embarrassments. The final straw came when Housephone threw a drink at Adam22 during an on-air argument, resulting in his departure from the show.

In recent weeks, the show has seen further departures, including the firing of Lush and the resignations of AD and T-Rell. These departures have left fans and industry members questioning the of the show and the role of its founder and host.

Adding to the mounting criticism against Adam22, social media users have begun digging into his past, uncovering allegations of rape involving minors. This has led to the creation of a new hashtag, Adam16, referring to an alleged in which Adam22 engaged in sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl.

The backlash surrounding the No Jumper podcast continued to escalate when Adam22 invited Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, onto the show for an interview. The interview drew widespread backlash, with many accusing Adam22 of giving a platform to hate speech. Additionally, the interview panel lacked diversity, leading to further criticism against Adam22.

It was during this time of turmoil that Joe Budden, a media personality and podcaster, entered the fray. Budden confronted Adam22 on the amp app owned by Amazon, discussing the various issues surrounding the No Jumper podcast. Budden criticized Adam22 for firing Housephone and other staff members, the allegations of sexual misconduct with minors, and the Richard Spencer interview.

During the conversation, Budden expressed his concerns about Adam22's lack of care in selecting guests and the impact of his actions on the show's reputation. Budden also raised the issue of the lack of diversity on the panel, emphasizing the importance of including a range of perspectives in discussions.

Adam22 responded by stating that he didn't believe inviting Richard Spencer to the show would be an issue, primarily because AD suggested they interview Nick Fuentes or hold a debate. However, Adam22 failed to take responsibility for his actions and used AD's suggestion as an excuse. He failed to acknowledge the impact of his decisions and the lack of consideration for the show's reputation and integrity.

's confrontation with Adam22 shed light on the issues facing the No Jumper podcast, and the podcast's future remains uncertain. Adam22 must address these issues and take responsibility for his actions if he hopes to rebuild his reputation and regain the trust of his audience. The No Jumper podcast has the potential to be a vital platform for hip-hop discussion, but it requires leadership that values diversity, inclusivity, and integrity. Only time will tell if Adam22 can provide that leadership and restore the podcast's credibility.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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