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Tensions Rise As Lil Housephone Douses Adam22 With A Drink On No Jumper’s Latest Episode

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No Jumper, the widely followed podcast hosted by Adam John Grandmaison (also known as Adam22), has recently garnered negative attention due to various controversies. The latest one involves a transgender woman's allegations that Lil Housephone, the co-host of , demanded a sexual act from her in exchange for an appearance on the podcast. These allegations were made during an interview with Adam, which was recorded and later made available on the platform.

The has sparked a heated argument between Adam and , who has accused Adam of damaging his reputation. According to Housephone, the situation has been bothering him, and he feels that his name and likeness were used in a malicious manner to gain views for the podcast. Lil Housephone also stated that the act was not only detrimental to his career and relationships but also a sensitive subject.

In response to the transgender statements Lil Housephone said: “It's 2023 bro no matter what motherf*ckers decide to do with their lives, which is nothing wrong with. Witch is nothing wrong by the way. I feel like being outed or exposed or whatever the f*ck, by my home team my people that I see every week bro. I'm really like .. that's just been bothering me. I'm really not gonna sit here and lie. But I'm also not gonna sit here and claim everything. But just know that I ain't never touched a d*ck. I ain't never sucked no d*ck. I never got f*cked in the ass and I leave it there.”

He went on saying: “I don't understand what was the point of trying to be malicious, make content out of it that could be actually been really like detrimental to my wife, my career my relationship.”

The co-host continued saying: “The way that they used me and used my likeness and use like a sensitive subject about me as a way to get some views on a weak ass show that got like 20K views that sh*t was wack af. And they was like we edited it out blah blah blah yeah sure you edit it out but then you left in the clip at the end where the n*gga said my name so I was like what is the purpose?”

During a No Jumper podcast episode, Housephone confronted Adam about the situation, and the two engaged in a heated argument. Lil Housephone was clearly upset and angry, and he accused Adam of not taking responsibility for his actions. Despite Adam's attempts to explain himself, Housephone's frustration only increased, and things came to a head when Adam made a comment about Housephone's deceased mother.

During the subsequent segment of the podcast, Adam persisted in attempting to justify his actions rather than extending a sincere apology. The conversation then touched upon the topic of Housephone's late mother, and Adam made a remark regarding having funded the funeral in an inappropriate manner. He said: “I paid for the f*cking funeral”! This statement provoked Housephone, who threw a drink at Adam, nearly resulting in a physical altercation. Security personnel was on hand to promptly intervene and prevent further conflict.

The recent events have raised questions about the of No Jumper and what direction it will take in the coming months. It is unclear how the podcast will handle the internal issues, and it will be interesting to see what measures will be taken to prevent similar from occurring in the future.

The events on the No Jumper podcast have raised questions about the internal dynamics and professionalism within the organization. The altercation between Adam and Housephone highlights the importance of empathy, sensitivity, and respect, especially when dealing with sensitive topics and personal issues. It will be fascinating to observe the direction that the No Jumper takes in the coming weeks and months and whether these internal conflicts will impact the future of the podcast. Ultimately, it is hoped that the parties involved will find a resolution and work towards creating a safe and respectful workplace for all.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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