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Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back at Tory Lanez’s New Witness and Ex-BF Pardi

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is back in the middle of the drama, trying to spill the tea on what went down with and her ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine. But her latest revelations didn't exactly go as planned – they've stirred up a bunch of doubt and criticism instead.

The drama unfolded when Tory Lanez's driver and bodyguard Jauquan Smith submitted a signed statement to the courts, describing an argument between Megan's friend, Kelsey Harris, and Tory Lanez. In this statement, he claimed to have witnessed Kelsey with a gun in hand, shifting the narrative away from Tory Lanez as the alleged shooter. This revelation prompted Megan to break her earlier promise of not speaking on the case again.

In his deposition, Smith provides a detailed account of the events that transpired on July 12, 2020, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the altercation between Megan Pete and Kelsey Harris.

Smith begins by establishing his long-standing relationship with Lanez, spanning seven years, during which he not only served as his employer but also considered him a close personal friend. On the fateful day of the , Smith was tasked with driving Tory Lanez to Kylie Jenner's residence, where Megan Pete (Thee Stallion) and Kelsey Harris were also present.

According to Smith's statement, tensions escalated after an initial visit to Jenner's home, leading to a second stop where Megan Pete (Thee Stallion) claimed to have forgotten a shoe. During this visit, an argument ensued between Megan Pete and Lanez, resulting in the revelation of their intimate relationship. This revelation upset Kelsey Harris, who had previously been similarly involved with Tory Lanez.

As the altercation escalated, Smith recalls stopping the vehicle at Megan Pete's request. Megan Pete (Thee Stallion) and Kelsey Harris exited the car and engaged in both verbal and physical confrontations. Smith intervened to separate the two, pulling Megan Pete (Thee Stallion) away from the altercation. However, the situation took a more dangerous turn when Smith observed Kelsey Harris holding a gun.

Lanez, having run towards Harris, engaged in a struggle to disarm her. The sequence of events happened rapidly, and Smith focused on ensuring Megan Pete's (Thee Stallion) safety and did not witness who ultimately discharged the firearm. Fortunately, no harm befell Smith, and he describes the entire incident as unfolding within a matter of minutes.

It's important to note that Tory Lanez is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence, a consequence of the legal proceedings stemming from the incident. This development adds a significant layer to the complexities of the case, with conflicting narratives and new details surfacing as the legal proceedings continue.

Megan took to social media to address the situation, accusing Tory Lanez of orchestrating witness tampering. She questioned the credibility of the witnesses and implied that Tory Lanez was manipulating the narrative to evade responsibility.

Megan Thee Stallion VS Pardison Fontaine

Interestingly, Megan's accusations didn't stop there. She also took aim at Pardison Fontaine, her ex-boyfriend, who recently spoke out about their relationship in interviews. Pardison claimed that Megan had been unfaithful and dishonest during their time together, revealing intimate details that painted Megan in a less-than-flattering light.

The whole drama between Megan and Padi began when the superstar dropped “Cobra,” in which she hinted at catching her man cheating in the same spot she slept. Fans speculated that she was referring to Pardi, and the rumors gained momentum as Megan chose not to dispel them. The ensuing narrative had people dragging Pardi and his current girlfriend, Jada Kingdom, assuming he cheated on Megan with Jada.

However, Pardi recently took matters into his own hands, addressing the situation on social media. He revealed that Megan was the one cheating on him, alleging that she lied about the men she was texting and even had him feuding with individuals like rappers and Tory Lanez. Pardi's revelation painted a picture of a relationship marred by deception and betrayal, and he admitted he had considered proposing to Megan before the truth came to light.

During a Breakfast Club interview, Pardi acknowledged that the entire drama revolved around one line in Megan's song. He claimed this single line negatively impacted his interview opportunities, as people were hesitant to approach him due to the controversy.

Megan, in response to Pardi's interview, went live to address the situation. She vehemently denied the cheating allegations, stating that all her previous interactions were deleted when she entered the relationship with Pardi. Megan questioned Pardi's need to respond, given that he had claimed she didn't cheat on him. She expressed frustration over Pardi's decision to engage in public discourse and labeled his actions as strategic.

Three weeks ago, Padi dropped a titled “Thee Person,” in which he addresses Megan. In response, Megan took to Instagram Live to address the diss track. She didn't hold back, discussing the fallout from her song “Cobra” and shedding light on the accusations made by Pardi during the Breakfast Club interview.

Megan's live session seemed to suggest that Pardi was attempting to gain attention and clout through the controversy, portraying him as capitalizing on their past relationship for publicity.

Despite these allegations, Megan expressed her frustration at what she perceives as attempts to drag her back into a narrative she's trying to move on from. She criticized those who attacked her online, highlighting the impact of social media on her mental health.

In response, Pardison called out Megan for playing the victim and not taking accountability for her actions. He accused her of throwing rocks and hiding her hand, emphasizing the importance of honesty and accountability in relationships.

The unfolding drama has left fans and onlookers divided. Some question Megan's motives, suggesting that her public statements may be strategic and vindictive. Others express skepticism about the authenticity of the claims made by both parties involved.

The ongoing drama makes us think about social media's impact, how people see you, and the messiness of handling personal relationships in the limelight. Even though Megan is trying to paint herself as a victim fighting for justice, folks aren't fully buying it. Everyone's saying we need more honesty and responsibility from everyone caught up in this mess.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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