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Millyz vs. Jack Harlow: Who is the Best White Rapper?

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Boston-based rapper Millyz has reacted to a recent claim by Louisville rapper Jack Harlow, who suggested he is the second-best white rapper since . In a verse on his latest album “Jackman,” Harlow raps that he is the “hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters” in reference to Eminem, and implies that he is superior to any other white rapper currently in .

Rapper has responded to fellow artist Harlow's claim of being “the hardest white rapper since Eminem.” Millyz took to to react to Harlow's statement, stating “FW Jack but on my soul he trippin!” The comments came after the release of Harlow's new album “Jackman,” which dropped on Friday, April 28th.

Harlow's claim to the title was made in a verse on the second track of his album, titled “They Don't Love It.” Millyz, who is currently signed to Jadakiss‘ “SoRaspy LLC,” is widely regarded as one of the hottest white rappers in the game right now. While both artists are at the top of their respective games, they have vastly different styles.

While Harlow is undoubtedly a top artist in the game, there's a stark difference between his style and Millyz's. The only thing that makes them similar is their skin color.

Millyz vs

Millyz's lyrics often touch on gritty and raw experiences, with a focus on street life and the struggles of coming up in difficult circumstances. His lyrics are often introspective and convey a sense of pain and struggle. On the other hand, Jack Harlow's lyrics tend to be more upbeat and lighthearted, with a focus on partying and having a good time.

One of the key differences between the two artists is their use of imagery and metaphor. Millyz often uses vivid imagery and metaphor to describe his experiences, while Jack Harlow's lyrics tend to be more straightforward and literal. Millyz's use of metaphor helps to create a deeper emotional connection with his listeners, while Jack Harlow's straightforward approach is more accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

Another difference between the two artists is their use of storytelling. Millyz's lyrics often tell a story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. He uses his lyrics to convey a sense of narrative and to take his listeners on a journey. Jack Harlow's lyrics, on the other hand, are more focused on individual moments or experiences, rather than telling a complete story.

Overall, Millyz and Jack Harlow are both talented artists, but they have different styles and approaches to their craft. Millyz's lyrics are often more introspective and poetic, while Jack Harlow's lyrics are more accessible and relatable. Regardless of their differences, both artists have a gift for connecting with their listeners and creating music that resonates with people.

Jack Harlow's New Album “Jackman.”

Harlow's latest album showcases a new side of the artist. The album is less commercial than his previous work, and Harlow takes the opportunity to open up to his fans about his thoughts and observations.

The first track of his album “ Ground,” features thought-provoking lyrics that touch on a range of societal issues. Harlow begins the track by stating, “Just talkin' about what I see. It's not opinion-based, it's just, just shit I see.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song, as Harlow discusses issues such as the portrayal of rap music and suburban kids trying to act like thugs.

In the song, Harlow touches on the trend of white girls trying to appropriate Black by “squattin' tryna get that ass poppin'” and reciting rap lyrics about murder and cash profit. He notes that these individuals get to feel like a thug but don't have to act on it, unlike those who actually live in areas with high homicide rates.

Harlow also criticizes suburban kids who grow up to become rap journalists and write “urban myths” about who they think is the best urban kid and who the worst is, and who's authentic in the hip-hop scene. He notes that many of these individuals have never even seen the hood, yet feel entitled to make comments on it.

The song ends with Harlow describing how these individuals try to fit in by thrift shopping for articles and garments that feel like they came from a foreign environment. Overall, “Common Ground” showcases Harlow's ability to tackle difficult societal issues in a thought-provoking way, and fans are excited to see this new side of the artist.

Millyz – Blanco 6

Millyz has been keeping his fans entertained with his Blanco series, and he recently released the sixth installment, Blanco 6. The album features 18 tracks that reflect on the struggles of life, recent success, and everything in between. Millyz showcases his lyricism and sultry vocals on singles like “Tonight,” “Over,” “Dark Shades,” and “Moon Roof” featuring Jadakiss.

The album also features collaborations with Dave East on “All That Matters,” G Herbo on “Becoming,” and Berner on “Scriptures.” Other guests include Sada James, Albee Al, and Leaf Ward.

The lyrics of Millyz's song “Becoming” featuring G Herbo reflect on the realities of life and the sacrifices one makes to achieve success in the music industry. Millyz begins the song by describing the risks he has taken to reach his level of success, such as spending thousands of dollars on clothing and constantly being misunderstood by society.

He also touches on the violence that has become common in the rap game, referencing the deaths of fellow artists such as and the ongoing feuds that are often documented on social media. Despite this, Millyz remains loyal to his team and continues to play defense against those who might try to harm him.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the idea that achieving success often requires taking risks and making sacrifices, which can be both rewarding and challenging. Millyz urges listeners to remember the struggles they faced growing up and to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles they may face.

Overall, the lyrics on “Becoming” provide a raw and honest reflection of the rap industry and the challenges that come with achieving success, while also highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and persevering through adversity.

We at Dilemaradio cannot offer subjective judgments on who is the best rapper, given that opinions differ significantly based on individual taste and preferences. There exist numerous skilled rappers with distinctive styles and approaches to their craft, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the listener to determine who they believe is the best.

The world of rap is constantly evolving, with new and innovative artists emerging every day. The impact of these artists is felt not only in the music industry but also in our society as a whole. Through their lyrics and performances, they address social issues, spread awareness, and inspire millions of fans worldwide. The rap genre has come a long way since its inception, and we can only imagine where it will go next. We at Dilemaradio are excited to continue supporting and promoting talented rappers, and we encourage our listeners to keep an open mind and explore the diverse range of artists in the rap community.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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