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Recap of YNW Melly’s Court Case and the Latest Developments

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Since the start of the trial for rapper YNW Melly, also known as Jamell Demons, accused of killing two of his close friends, several noteworthy events and revelations have occurred inside the courtroom. Let's take a look at the timeline of important events and what has unfolded during the trial.

Last week, on June 20, was seen acting strangely in court. He was laughing, blowing kisses, and smiling at his lawyers and family. Despite his defense team's request for a new trial, the judge denied it. The defense claimed that the prosecution deliberately brought Melly's ex-girlfriend's mother to the stand to make him look bad, but the judge didn't agree.

On June 21, YNW Melly appeared more serious and didn't smile or laugh as much as before.

A significant development came on June 22 when it was decided that YNW Melly's popular song “Murder On My Mind” would not be used as evidence in the trial. The prosecution, however, presented text messages that they claimed were sent by Melly, asking his mother to buy him a legal gun.

The DNA analyst confirmed that Melly's DNA was not discovered on several items recovered from the crime scene.

An undercover police officer named Danny Polo wearing a “Shiesty Mask” takes the stand in Melly's murder trial and gives testimony.


During the trial, the undercover detective expressed concerns for his safety and his family's well-being. He revealed that there was a $50,000 reward for anyone who harmed him. Detective Polo analyzed the gang-related language in Melly's text messages and suggested that the rapper might be associated with the G-Shine Bloods gang.

On June 26, Melly's defense team objected to Detective Polo wearing a mask in court, arguing that it was unnecessary and distracting. They pointed out that pictures of the detective and his family were already circulating on the internet. The trial also included text messages and photos that seemed to show Melly's involvement with the Bloods gang, such as hand signs and coded messages.

The next video shows YNW Melly's reaction to the Undercover Agent ‘Danny Polo' Removing His Mask In Court.

On June 27, YNW Melly was seen praying before the jurors entered the courtroom for another day of witness testimonies. Recent DNA evidence found Melly's DNA on the door handle of the car involved in the shooting, but no gun has been presented as the murder weapon. Additionally, no gunshot residue was found on YNW Melly himself. Bullets of a certain caliber were found at the crime scene, but it's unclear which gun they belong to.


They didn't find Melly's DNA on or inside the Jeep where the shooting happened until they discovered it on the car's door handle this month.

They also didn't find any evidence of gun residue on YNW Melly.

When they investigated the crime scene, they found .40 caliber bullets, but they still haven't found the actual gun that was used in the murder.

Throughout the trial, several well-known rappers were mentioned, including , Boosie, , Kodak Black, Lil Durk, , Fredo Bang, , , Quando Rondo, , Juelz Santana, and Drake.

In a text message, Melly admitted to having a fight with NBA YoungBoy, and his friend claimed that NBA YoungBoy killed his cousin and made threats to them.

During the court proceedings, a video was presented that showed YNW Melly quoting lyrics from Kevin Gates‘ song “4:30 AM.”


A new video from 2015 has appeared on the internet! More interrogation footage showed up, he was seen shadowboxing and dancing, which confused many people.

Text messages shown in court even suggested that Young Thug had a high rank in a gang called the Sex Money Murder gang.

Dr. MacDougall who examined the body of Anthony Williams, also known as YNW Sakchaser, confirmed that he had been shot in the chest and right shoulder. However, these injuries occurred after his death because there were no signs of bleeding at the spots where the bullets entered. When YNW Sak Chaser arrived at the hospital, he had no heartbeat.

As the trial progresses, additional information is expected to come to light, providing a clearer understanding of the case and its eventual outcome.

Key Moments in YNW Melly's Trial: A Recap of the Case Progression

One important piece of evidence is a video that shows YNW Melly leaving a recording studio with the victims in a car. The prosecution says that data from his cell phone put him near the victims just before they were taken to the hospital. They also found a bullet shell in the car, close to where one of the victims was sitting. These findings make the prosecution's case against YNW Melly stronger.


The defense is trying to argue that the investigation was biased because YNW Melly is famous. They say that everyone focused only on him. But the prosecution says they took their time before officially accusing Melly, which weakens the defense's argument.

One witness in the trial, Felicia Holmes, is the mother of YNW Melly's ex-girlfriend. At first, she told the police that Melly had told her he was hiding and waiting for someone on the night of the shootings. But during her testimony, she changed her statement and said she couldn't remember what she said before. The defense asked for a mistrial because of this, but the judge said no.

During the trial, Melly has been seen blowing kisses and laughing. While some gestures are allowed, he should be careful not to do too much because it could affect the jury's opinion of him.

A big question is whether YNW Melly should testify in his defense. Considering the serious charges of double murder, it might be better for him not to testify, especially if there's a chance that not all jurors agree on the punishment. But he might feel like he needs to speak up to prove his innocence and address public opinion.

As the trial goes on, the prosecution's case seems strong with convincing evidence like the video and the bullet shell found in the car. The defense's arguments about bias and the impact of YNW Melly's behavior and possible testimony are important factors that could influence the jury's decision.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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