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The Wendy Williams Show Deleted From YouTube

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Both the productions and the content for The Wendy Williams Show have disappeared from YouTube and the official website.

All of the memories and all of the episodes of ' show were erased from her YouTube channel and official website.

Wendy Williams's channel and her social media pages have also been removed from all search engines, and all the series are no longer accessible.

Variety reported on Monday, June 4 that the official resources for the production business and the talk show, which were previously housed by the.com domains “wendywilliamsproductions” and “wendyshow, “no longer point to those pages. While “wendyshow” generates a DNS error, “Wendywilliamsproductions” is marked as being available under a Go Daddy auction.

The final episode of the 13th season's run was shown two weeks ago. The morning talk show was broadcast without Williams because of her health difficulties.

Wendy Williams hasn't hosted The Wendy Williams Show since July 2021 because of continuing health difficulties.

When the pandemic struck in May 2020, Williams was compelled to accept more time off from the series in order to deal with health issues related to Graves' disease, an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones, and was also required to record her show remotely during that time.

Williams' career as a TV personality was recognized in a brief compilation that aired on June 17 with guest host ‘Sherri Shepherd'.

Shepherd announced that he will be hosting a brand-new debate program called “Sherri” beginning with the 2022–2023 season. The new show will be produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury, the same company that created Wendy Williams' show.

During an interview with TMZ Williams spoke about her health and her plans to launch her own podcast.

Williams said: “I've got enough money to do something else and what I have never done “Podcast”! Podcast by the way everyone has, but when you're famous podcast will make more money for me.”

The Tv personality also mentioned to TMZ her struggles with her disease she said: “I've got lymphedema. Do you know what lymphedema is?”

The former talk show host said that just 5% of her foot feeling was still present as a result of lymphedema. Following is a short tweet that was pulled from the TMZ interview. In the footage, Williams displayed the result of her disease by showing her feet.

When TMZ asked her if it was a semi-retirement from the morning talk show she replied: “I'm 100% retired in the Wendy Williams Show.”

Wells Fargo Freezes Williams' Bank Accounts

The 57-years old Tv host endured a lot, not just dealing with her disease but also having her bank account blocked in February.

After her account was frozen by Wells Fargo in February, Wendy Williams had to beg her bank to unfreeze it so she could access her money.

In a letter that was presented to the court, Wells Fargo made a number of assertions, one of which was that it had strong reasons to assume that Williams is the victim of “inappropriate influence and financial exploitation.”

Williams' lawyer wrote a letter to the court in response to Wells Fargo freezing her accounts, outlining their justifications for asking for a temporary restraining order.

In response to Wells Fargo, Williams claims in a letter that she was not the victim of unfair influence or financial exploitation.

The TV personality's health troubles over the previous few years have been well-documented along with the instability in her personal life, but they have all since disappeared. From collapsing on live TV to disclosing her Graves' disease diagnosis on her show to suffering a shoulder fracture and dealing with a highly public breakup with her husband Kevin Hunter, whom she divorced officially in January 2020 after 25 years of marriage.

On and other social media platforms, fans expressed their sadness at losing access to all of their favorite episodes and memories associated with Williams's popular show.

A William's fan tweeted: “I can't believe they deleted the Wendy Williams show profile on YouTube. They just removed historic archive footage of a show that ran for 3 decades. Late 2000s, 2010s, and early 2020s, I can't believe it. However you feel about Wendy, this is awful.

Another concerned fan tweeted: “They deleted Wendy Williams's YouTube page!? Even though I'm sure it has to do with legalities, it's wild how they treating this lady. Feels like they kicking her while she's down. Praying for the legend.

Thousands of Wendy's fans were confused and upset when they discovered that every memorable part of her prior programs had been removed. Due to the fact that there is no information about who deleted the series, fans can only hope that there is a backup of the series and that the videos will start appearing on social media again.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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