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Young Thug hospitalized before court appearance: latest update

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ATLANTA β€” Fans of Atlanta rapper Young Thug were left concerned on Thursday morning after news broke that the artist had suffered a medical emergency during court proceedings and was rushed to hospital. However, his lawyers have since confirmed that he has been released and is recovering.

is one of over two dozen people awaiting trial on a gang indictment involving alleged members of the Young Slime Life gang. Prosecutors have accused Williams of helping to found the gang, which has been accused of a variety of crimes including murder.

The rapper's lawyers have expressed concerns about his well-being, with one saying that he had suffered a similar medical emergency at the Cobb County Jail a few months ago. In a motion for a hearing, the lawyers claimed that Williams was suffering from exhaustion due to the court schedule, which mandates that he wake up between 3 and 4 am on court days and get no more than five hours of sleep per night.

Despite these concerns, Williams has been in court nearly every day since pre-trial hearings began, with the trial expected to last up to a year. The rapper's lawyers had filed a fourth motion for bond in his YSL RICO case several weeks before his hospitalization, citing his time at Cobb County Jail as having a significant toll on his health due to a lack of sleep, exercise, fresh air, and healthy food options.

Thugger's attorney, Keith Adams, confirmed the rapper's hospitalization on Thursday, May 11 th but did not provide any details about his condition or the nature of his illness. Adams said that he had not communicated with Williams ahead of the court proceedings and did not learn about the hospitalization until 1 p.m. ET.

According to Adams, when Williams went to see a doctor, he was alert and seemed to be okay. Adams stated that he had no reason to believe that the rapper was in any serious condition and that he just wasn't feeling well.

The defense had the option of continuing without Williams but decided to suspend the proceedings until he was able to appear in court. Adams explained that they did not waive his presence, saying, β€œIt's never, in my opinion, in his best interest to have anything occur without him being there.”

The hospitalization of Young Thug has once again raised concerns about the rapper's health and well-being. His lawyers have repeatedly raised concerns about his conditions in jail, including the lack of access to proper healthcare and the toll that the court schedule is taking on his health.

The rapper's fans have also expressed concern about his well-being, with many taking to social media to send him well wishes and express their support. Some have even called for the charges against him to be dropped, citing the impact that his incarceration is having on his health and mental well-being.

It remains to be seen how Young Thug's hospitalization will impact the ongoing court proceedings. With the trial expected to last up to a year, the rapper's lawyers will need to ensure that he is able to maintain his health and well-being throughout the process.

Thugger's current legal troubles stem from his alleged involvement with the Young Slime Life gang. Prosecutors claim that Williams helped to found the gang, which has been accused of carrying out a range of criminal activities, including murder.

The indictment against Williams and the other alleged members of the gang was unsealed in September 2021, and the trial began earlier this year. Since then, Williams has been in court nearly every day for pre-trial hearings.

The trial is expected to be lengthy, with prosecutors presenting a range of evidence against the alleged members of the gang. According to court documents, the Young Slime Life gang has been active in the Atlanta area for several years and has been involved in crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder.

Despite the seriousness of the charges against him, Williams has maintained his innocence. However, with the trial expected to last several more months, it remains to be seen how Williams' legal issues will impact his career. Fans and industry insiders alike will be watching closely to see how the case develops and what the ultimate outcome will be.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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