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Joe Budden Says Adam22 is Disgusting in His Face!

todayAugust 29, 2022 33920 844

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In today's episode of Joe Budden's podcast, Goes Off On Adam22, Joe Budden called disgusting in his face. His reason?

The reason why Joe Budden said Adam22 was disgusting is because he re-uploaded everything that Adam22 had on Kevin Samuels in the moment that he died. Joe Budden believes he re-uploaded everything that Kevin Samuels had on him in the moment of his death, which he thinks to be disrespectful.

“The nastiest performance I've ever seen. Why do you all do that,” Joe said in his podcast. “Give me a coherent argument against re-uploading content when that person is extremely newsworthy,” Adam said.

Adam22 Debunked

Joe just dropped a bombshell on Adam22's channel: he accused the YouTuber of exploiting (dead) artists for ad revenue.

“The nastiness is you are trying to capitalize off of somebody else's demise before his family even had an opportunity to …,” Ish said, in response to Adam's question.

But Adam had a response, and it's not what you'd expect.

He said that when you disable monetization on your channel, YouTube will stop promoting your content.

“If you turn off monetization you're going to stop it from spreading on platform. I'm saying, you're a YouTuber, you know it, every YouTuber out there knows I'm telling the truth,” Adam said.

That claim isn't true. Even though the YouTuber has disabled monetization, YouTube will still show ads, according to their statement.

The picture below is a screenshot of the YouTube channel Universal Robots. This channel deliberately disabled monetization but as you can see a video ad is shown in the channel's trailer.

Monetization does not determine the success of a video. In fact, your video is monitored extra closely to protect the advertisers. In order to determine if a video is successful or not, YouTube uses an algorithm which considers three factors: Personalization, Performance, and External Factors.

Personalization refers to how much you are interested in watching the video, what kind of action you took while watching the video (i.e., whether you clicked on it), and your watch history. For example, if you have watched many videos about dogs over the past week and one day you see one about cats, that would be considered personalization because it shows that you have an interest in both topics.

Performance refers to how long people watch your video for and how satisfied they are with it (i.e., did they turn off their phones?). If someone watches for 10 seconds but likes what they see and keeps watching until the end of your video then this means there was high performance from them as well as satisfaction from them after watching it which means it could be successful in terms of monetizing on that particular platform!

External Factors refer to things that have nothing to do with your video but that could affect its performance. For example, if there was a big news story about cats or dogs on the same day as your video, this could have affected how many people watched it because they wanted to see what was going on in the world rather than watch something about cats or dogs.

Who is right?

Joe finds it disgusting to post controversial content about recently deceased artists. He thinks that if someone dies, their family should be given time to grieve and remember them in peace.

Adam22 disagrees with Joe's stance on this issue. He says that there is no reason for people not to be able to talk about the recently deceased artist Kevin Samuels because it is newsworthy.

But who's right?

The answer is: both.

Joe Budden and Adam22 are two very different people, but they have a lot in . They're both very successful in their respective fields and they're both super opinionated.

But there's one thing that sets them apart: Joe Budden allows himself to be limited with his consciences and old-school codes and Adam knows where the boundaries are (sometimes he likes to jump on the boundary).

This is why outperforms Joe Budden's podcast when it comes to views.

Adam knows that publishing controversial content when someone or something is trendy is going to bring in a lot of money. And he says this repeatedly. Like in this podcast to Joe, or even to American Cholo when he came to confront Adam.

“What is the part that is disgusting give me a coherent argument against re-uploading content when that person is extremely newsworthy,” Adam said.

These types of podcasts are not isolated —they are part of a larger trend in media that seeks to increase ratings by milking tragedy.

Adam22 is a controversial figure in the YouTube community, but he is not alone. This trend has been studied at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where researchers found that suicide news stories can lead to increased web traffic and social media engagement.


Joe Budden's sidekick, Ish, has voice his concerns about the exploitation of violence and death by Adam.

Ish says that he feels like this kind of thing is exploitative—especially when it involves people who are outsiders and are not aware of the consequences.


In conclusion, the trend of exploiting violence and death is not new. It has been going on for centuries. However, technology has made this easier to do and more widespread than ever before. Adam understands this part.

It is important to be aware of the potential consequences of this trend. If you are considering exploiting violence and death in your content, make sure that it is done responsibly and ethically. Joe understand this part.

Violence and death are powerful things that can be used to get attention or shock people.

Ask yourself this question: would you like it if someone posted unrelated annoying stories about your recently deceased loved one on the internet? Would you want people Googling their name and seeing those stories? Would YOU want people Googling YOUR name and seeing those stories?

Probably not! But this is the price you pay when you're a public figure—you have to deal with people who say things about you that are wildly untrue and potentially hurtful both to yourself and those around you.

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Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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