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Lil Durk Breaks Silence in Exclusive Interview with DJ Akademiks

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In an exclusive interview on the Off The Record podcast, hosted by DJ Akademiks, renowned rapper Lil Durk delved into various topics, providing candid insights into his relationships with fellow artists and his unwavering principles. From discussing 's beef to addressing his issues with Quando Rondo and his strong aversion to , Durk shed light on the complexities of the rap industry and his personal values. This article aims to summarize the key points from the interview, offering a glimpse into Durk's mindset and his approach to navigating these challenging dynamics.

Known for not frequently doing interviews, Durk made an exception for . The interview generated significant buzz as Akademiks teased snippets on his social media platforms, building anticipation among viewers. The full interview was edited into highlights for the entertainment of Akademiks' audience on platforms like YouTube and .

One of the most noteworthy moments from the interview was when addressed his disputes with NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo. He aimed to clear up any misconceptions regarding their relationship and shed light on the nature of their disagreements.

During the interview, Durk expressed confusion about the alleged perception that he and YoungBoy orchestrated a controversy to gain publicity. Furthermore, Durk expressed that he hadn't used YoungBoy's name for promotional purposes.

Durk said: “Why would I use him for Promo when I know Imma outsell him”

When Akademiks inquired about the root of the issues between Durk and YoungBoy, the Chicago native honestly admitted that he wasn't entirely sure. He clarified that he had no personal grudges against YoungBoy and was open to resolving any misunderstandings. Durk mentioned that YoungBoy had accused him of being scared or using him for promotional reasons, but he found those claims baseless.

The conversation delved into the tragic incident involving Durk's late friend, King Von. The Voice rapper expressed that YoungBoy's actions had nothing to do with the situation and questioned what he had done for anyone in the past. He dismissed any suggestions that their conflict was purely for the sake of attention and clarified that it was rooted in genuine differences.

Akademiks also touched on the impact the feud had on Quando Rondo's career. Durk stated that he didn't have personal animosity towards Rondo but made it clear that he wouldn't associate with anyone who harmed his people. While acknowledging Rondo's influence, Durk stressed that he wouldn't support him due to the real-life consequences of their dispute.

Regarding collaborations with YoungBoy, Durk expressed indifference. He mentioned reaching out to other artists, like DaBaby, to sort out any potential issues privately and move forward professionally. Durk clarified that while he might not personally engage with certain artists, he ultimately focused on pursuing success rather than perpetuating conflicts.

As the interview unfolded, Durk's candid responses shed light on the complex dynamics between him, YoungBoy, and Quando Rondo. Despite the ongoing disagreements, the Chicago native expressed his desire to prioritize peace and unity while remaining true to his principles. Only time will tell if these issues can be resolved and if the artists can move forward in their careers without further discord.

Lil Durk Addresses NBA Youngboy Meltdown and Sets the Record Straight

Reflecting on the Controversy, Competition, and Misunderstandings

As the interview continued Durk opened up about the controversy surrounding YoungBoy's meltdown and the speculations that followed. The conversation delved into their relationship, the perceived jabs taken at each other, and the question of competition in the music industry.

Addressing the accusations of hijacking NBA Youngboy's “Stop the Violence” campaign, Durk expressed his surprise at the misunderstanding. He clarified that he had never mentioned YoungBoy first and claimed that assumptions were being made without proper context. He highlighted that his intentions were never to mock or make light of YoungBoy's situation.

When asked if he was poking fun at YoungBoy through his tweets, Durk responded honestly. He admitted to a couple of instances where he playfully teased the Baton Rouge rapper, but he quickly clarified that he didn't dwell on those thoughts and that his focus was on his own music and career. He mentioned that YoungBoy being on house arrest was the only aspect he found amusing.

The Voice rapper firmly stated that he had no intention of using YoungBoy for promotional purposes. He questioned the logic behind such assumptions, given that he didn't need YoungBoy's help to sell records. He expressed his confidence in his own abilities and mentioned that YoungBoy's fans were currently fixated on their rivalry rather than appreciating the music.

As the conversation shifted to upcoming projects, Durk confirmed that he had an album in the works. When asked about rumors regarding collaborations with other artists, he revealed that there were no tracks with on the album. However, he mentioned that Lil Baby was featured and hinted at a potential fusion album.

Durk's highly anticipated release of his upcoming album “Almost Healed,” is scheduled to drop on Friday, May 26th. This incredible album comprises 21 tracks and boasts an impressive lineup of featured artists, including J. Cole, Future, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Rob49, Juice WRLD, and the talented country singer Morgan Wallen.

Akademiks probed further, asking if Morgan Wallen, a controversial figure in the country music scene, would appear on the album again. Durk admitted to having a good connection with Wallen but clarified that he did not endorse Wallen's past actions. He expressed regret over Wallen's use of certain emojis on social media, implying that it caused unnecessary controversy.

The conversation then touched on the topic of incendiary songs and whether Durk regretted any of his past work that may have fueled tension or violence. The rapper firmly rejected the idea, stating that he had always focused on his personal growth and expanding his fan base. He wanted to distance himself from unnecessary drama and expressed that he aimed to build a positive image.

When questioned about competing with YoungBoy, who was currently one of the most streamed artists, Durk dismissed the notion entirely. He stated that he had no interest in competing with YoungBoy and highlighted his own approach to music. Durk preferred to focus on his craft and personal success rather than engaging in unnecessary rivalry.

In closing, Durk addressed the obsession of NBA YoungBoy's fan base with him. He acknowledged their interest but asserted that he was unfazed by it. He believed that people were looking for drama and power, but he remained steadfast in his dedication to his music and his genuine fans.

As the interview concluded, Durk reaffirmed his commitment to creating organic music that resonated with his audience. He dismissed rumors of buying streams or sales, expressing that his success had been built on steady growth and genuine support.

Lil Durk Takes a Stand Against 6ix9ine and Rat : “I Don't Take Him Seriously”

Rapper Durk Opens Up About Personal Issues, Disrespecting , and His Hatred for Rats

In the continuation of the interview with host Akademiks, Durk opens up about his complicated relationship with 6ix9ine and sheds light on the reasons behind his strong distaste for individuals he refers to as “rats.” The conversation delves into the personal and professional conflicts that arose between Durk and 6ix9ine, particularly after the tragic passing of King Von, a close friend, and collaborator of Durk.

Akademiks raises the question of how Durk felt during the heated exchanges with 6ix9ine, acknowledging that he himself felt conflicted about the situation. Durk explains that while he understood the role of media and neutrality, he never took 6ix9ine seriously. He saw moments where 6ix9ine would engage in conversations or make provocative statements, but Durk didn't let it affect him deeply. He clarifies that he had conversations with 6ix9ine, attempting to offer some guidance, but he ultimately couldn't take him seriously.

Durk expressed his focus on staying away from unnecessary engagement, mentioning that he plays a strategic game by observing and not falling into the traps of online drama. He acknowledges that the internet tends to amplify conflicts and promote back-and-forth exchanges, but he chooses not to participate in such behavior. Durk's perspective is rooted in his desire to build a successful career and turn negativity into positive outcomes.

The conversation then shifts to the specific issue between Durk and 6ix9ine. Akademiks highlights that Durk's rap disputes usually involve individuals from his own city and community, indicating that there is a deeper significance to those conflicts. Durk shares that he doesn't care about album sales; instead, he values morals, taking care of his family, and staying true to himself. He believes that if he respects other artists and they respect him, the support will be reciprocated regardless of sales figures.

Akademiks brings up the moment when Durk responded to 6ix9ine's disrespectful comments with his song featuring Drake, “Laugh Now Cry Later,” where Durk famously raps, “Please don't play that lil' boy in the club 'cause we do not listen to rats.” Durk admits that he intended to shut down the back-and-forth with 6ix9ine through that song, and he hasn't addressed it again since. His primary focus is on confronting 6ix9ine physically rather than engaging in verbal sparring or continuing the public drama.

Akademiks probes further, trying to understand the reasons behind Durk's strong dislike for 6ix9ine. Some fans speculated that Durk's animosity stemmed from 6ix9ine's cooperation with law enforcement. Durk clarifies that he hates all rats with a passion, explaining that cooperating with authorities takes away half of his life experiences. As someone who was raised by a strong woman, Durk deeply values loyalty and despises those who betray trust. His aversion to rats is not specific to 6ix9ine; it extends to anyone who engages in such behavior.

Reflecting on their initial interactions, Durk reveals that he initially didn't believe 6ix9ine was like the person he eventually turned out to be. He spent time with 6ix9ine and witnessed his natural environment, including his involvement in gang-related activities. However, Durk makes it clear that he himself is not a gang member, and his connection with 6ix9ine was based on personal experiences rather than shared affiliations.

As the interview progresses it becomes evident that Lil Durk's issues with 6ix9ine and his strong aversion to rats are rooted in his personal values and experiences. Durk's loyalty to his friends, family, and community shines through, as he strives to build a successful career while staying true to himself. Despite the challenges he has faced, Durk remains focused on his goals and continues to make a name for himself in the music industry.

For those eager to delve deeper into the insightful interview with Lil Durk, addressing topics such as his musical journey, thoughts on NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo, his issues with 6ix9ine, and more, the full interview can be listened to right here.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of Lil Durk's perspectives and experiences as he opens up about his career, personal growth, and the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

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