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Tyrese Challenges DJ Vlad’s Actions: Black Culture Deserves Better

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In a recent video that has been making waves on social media, actor and singer took aim at DJ Vlad, expressing his deep disappointment and frustration with the media personality. Tyrese did not hold back as he accused Vlad of disrespecting significant figures in Black , such as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In his video, Tyrese strongly condemned Vlad's actions, referring to him as a disrespectful “ghoul.” Tyrese highlighted that Vlad had made offensive comments about The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For instance, he insinuated that Dr. King's assassination was connected to child support payments. Tyrese expressed his disbelief and anger at Vlad's lack of sensitivity toward these highly respected figures.

The actor went on to criticize Vlad Tv for allegedly baiting guests into discussing sensitive topics off-camera, which has resulted in some individuals facing legal consequences. Tyrese accused the social media personality of working with the authorities to exploit these interviews, leading to arrests and imprisonment. He further questioned why people within the Black community continue to participate in the Vlad Tv platform, considering the harm it can cause.

Tyrese also shed light on his personal experiences, specifically mentioning his divorce and court battles with a racist judge. He revealed that the judge had abused his power, leading to unjust outcomes in his case. Tyrese called attention to the larger issue of systemic injustice within the criminal justice and family court systems that disproportionately affect Black individuals. He chastised DJ Vlad for finding humor in such situations and for profiting off the pain and struggles faced by the Black community.

Moreover, Tyrese called out DJ Vlad's financial success, questioning how he amassed a reported net worth of $5 million while allegedly disrespecting and exploiting Black culture. He urged fellow musicians, actors, and artists to stop supporting DJ Vlad and his platform, highlighting the need for unity and resistance against individuals who perpetuate harm within the community.

In the video shared on his Instagram account, the actor captioned the video with the following message: “Vlad has disrespected the honorable Elijah Muhammad, disrespected the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and now he just disrespected in any capacity, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his family… It's a wrap for VLAD, it was a good run…” he said. “We as black culture continue to just let them do and say ANYTHING about us… As soon as we cross the line, they pile up and box us out… As they should… But why do we allow the disrespect and we continue to show up??? He offered me 10k for an interview…” he continued.

“If you gonna be goofy enough to still do his show… I repeat goofy… Rappers, singers, and actors… at least stick his ass for 10k… He's getting money off of our black backs as a true fucking culture vulture… Stick his ass for at least 10k,” he expressed.

“He's worth 5 million… 5 million off of our black backs… fuck you pay me…” he continued. “And somebody pull his tax returns and post them…,” he added.

Tyrese made it clear that he does not seek any support or endorsement from Vlad, as he believes the media personality can never contribute positively to his career. He urged others in the industry to stand against Vlad's disrespectful actions and criticized those who continue to associate with him for personal gain. Tyrese expressed his disappointment in the lack of solidarity among Black artists, contrasting it with how other communities rally together to protect their own when faced with similar situations.

It's important to mention that Tyrese is not the only artist who has spoken out about Vlad Tv. In the past, several artists, including Soulja Boy and Asian Da Brat, have expressed their concerns and criticisms regarding the platform. They have openly voiced their disapproval of Vlad's actions. Their collective stance shows the ongoing conversation surrounding and the increasing demand for accountability within the industry.

Tyrese had a strong message for Vlad, reminding him about the negative impact of disrespecting Black culture. He called for DJ Vlad to take responsibility for his actions and encouraged other artists to distance themselves from someone he considered a “culture vulture.” Tyrese's passionate plea struck a chord with many people, sparking conversations about the significance of unity and the importance of safeguarding and promoting Black culture amidst exploitation.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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