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Long Island has always been a silent powerhouse in the world of hip-hop, and Ismail Shabazz, better known as Turbeazy, is the latest artist to carry the torch. Coming from this lively music scene, Turbeazy brings a cool mix of the old and the new, giving it a fresh vibe.

The name “Turbeazy” wasn’t a calculated choice but a product of Turbeazy’s lively personality, driven by ADHD. The moniker originated from his habit of moving around quickly as if he had the turbo button pressed all the time. His older godbrother noticed this and started calling him “Turbo,” which later transformed into Turbeazy. The name stuck and now is closely connected with the artist.

The rapper’s roots in music trace back to his father, a former DJ and artist signed to Tommy Boy Records. His father’s involvement in the group called Da Matrix introduced Turbeazy to the world of music. While he didn’t aim to replicate his father’s style, the exposure ignited a passion within him. Turbeazy found himself drawn to the idea of pursuing a musical path, inspired by the artistry he witnessed growing up.

Turbeazy’s entry into the music scene wasn’t something pushed; it just happened naturally because of his real love for it and the influence of his family. As he gets more attention, especially for his latest album “Celebrity House Parties,” Turbeazy’s one-of-a-kind story gives more layers to who he is. With his genuine approach, Turbeazy is a rising star in hip-hop—definitely one to watch!

The rising star album “Celebrity House Parties” dropped in July (2023), and people are loving it. He worked with top-notch producers like Cash Cobain, PoWR Trav, and CHOPPABEATZ on this one. The album really shows how versatile Turbeazy is and how he can mix up different music styles.

Stream Turbeazy New Album: “Celebrity House Parties”

Turbeazy stands out not just for rapping but also because he’s hands-on in making music. Even though he’s not a regular producer, he’s really good at playing with beats and working closely in creating his sound. This way of doing things gives his music a unique and special quality.

Born on Long Island but raised in Queens, Turbeazy takes pride in the impact of both regions on his creative journey. The blend of his upbringing adds a unique flavor to his artistry, showcasing the diverse cultural influences that have shaped his musical identity.

As Turbeazy keeps making a name for himself, fans can find him on social media as “@turbeazy” Known for working hard, being creative, and not afraid to try new things in music, he’s a standout in the music industry. Connect with him to see what he’s up to and catch a glimpse of his unique style.

Follow Turbeazy on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turbeazy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Turbeazy

For bookings and inquiries: bo**********@gm***.com">bo**********@gm***.com

At Dilemaradio, we’re excited to showcase Turbeazy’s hit “NPCs” on our playlist. The song is gaining popularity and holding strong on our station. Keep listening for more from this talented artist as he makes a mark in the lively hip-hop scene.





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