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RICO JEEZUS is an American recording artist born in Panama City, Panama; the son of an American serviceman stationed there and a Dominican mother. He was raised in the Dominican Republic briefly before traveling to the United States, eventually settling in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His parents divorced shortly after and he went on to be raised […]

If you want to know how to submit your music to the Hip Hop radio station DilemaRadio you first need to know the rules.

Joyner Lucas Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, Lucas grew up in a biracial household, but he found the true color of life watching his father make music. “I developed a sense of feeling and healing from watching him,” he says of his father, who was a local soul music producer. “Eventually, I started bobbing […]

Albert Martinez aka “SKY JONEZ” was born in Brooklyn NY. As time went bye His mother knew it would become difficult for her children to grow up on the streets of NY, therefore,  she along with his stepfather and older sister relocated to Woonsocket, RI where he currently resides. Growing up in RI would not […]

Dirt Platoon is a hip hop duo from Baltimore Maryland. The group began in the late 90’s and continues to shock the world with every project released. Most would agree that the duo provides their fans with “Real hip hop” music.

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